Recent Works


There are places that I connect to and feel part of. A hill, river, wood or a singular tree, a tump, lake or Iron Age fort are some of the magical presences that hold me to the land. I sketch out of doors and breath a direct experience with Nature and all that comes freely as an inspirational tonic in an otherwise busy world. I carry home inwardly the soul connection made between the inner and outer world, via my senses in a visceral way and then after some time I usually paint, through improvisation, a place or an experience I have had. Some of my work is released or metamorphosed into another painting as I go with the flow of transforming a picture...maybe I do not know when to stop but I enjoy creating dynamic changes which in turn reflect the land and the feelings I have when I am in Nature.

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Autumn River

oil on canvas

91 x 65 cm

autumn river
Mynydd LLangorse

oil on canvas

61 x 46 cm

After the Storm

oil on board

60 x 48 cm

after the storm copy.jpg
Ash Grove
(homage to
David Nash)

oil on canvas

86 x 70.5 cm

Ash Ring (homage to David Nash).jpg

Hill Fort

oil on canvas

60 x 45 cm

IMG_3642 copy.jpg

Branching Across Green Fields

oil on paper

25.5 x 14.5 cm

DSC_0171 copy.jpg

Winter Orchard

oil on board

30 x 24 cm

DSC_0189 copy.jpg

Rising Night

oil on board

30 x 24 cm

DSC_0184 copy.jpg

Boat on a Lake

oil on canvas board

56 x 40 cm

boat on a lake copy.jpg
DSC_0177 copy.jpg

Green Shadows 

oil on board

29.5 x 17.5 cm

River Severn

oil on board

29.5 x 22 cm