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Artist Statement

I have long regarded myself as part of the landscape; sky, rocks, hills, rivers and trees. To loose myself enough in Nature and by entering an intuitive creative process that is improvised rather than preconceived; painting is not a refuge from life but an intensification of living. The experience of working with a painting as it unfolds brings me home to who I am and so I hope to always have the art of painting as my life expression.

There are places in the land where I connect to and feel part of. A hill, river, wood or a singular tree, a tump, lake or Iron Age fort are some of the magical presences that hold me to the land. I sketch out of doors and breath a direct experience with Nature and all that comes freely as an inspirational tonic in an otherwise busy world. I carry home inwardly the soul connection made between the inner and outer world, via my senses, in a visceral way and then after some time I usually paint, through improvisation, a place or an experience I have had. Some of my work is released or metamorphosed into another painting as I go with the flow of transforming a picture...maybe I do not know when to stop but I enjoy creating dynamic changes which in turn reflect the land and the feelings I have when I am in Nature.

Born in 1965 Amersham

Lisa now lives and works in Monmouth, Wales


High Wycombe College of Art and design

Art Foundation Course.

Middlesex Polytechnic 

B.A Hons Constructed Textile Design

Tobias School of Art

Artistic Therapy Course

(Anthroposophical/ Rudolf Steiner Training)

Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork

Holistic Massage Therapy

Eco Shamanism

credited by Mandy Pullen

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